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Bridal and Beauty Makeup Artist in Victoria, B.C.

I am a seasoned makeup artist with over two decades of experience, honing my craft and bringing a wealth of expertise to every client.


My career has been focused on Bridal and Beauty Makeup, with a special emphasis on Mature and Lifestyle makeup including makeup lessons.


Whether you prefer a very natural look or something more soft and glamorous, my ultimate goal is to highlight your best features, making you feel beautiful and like your best self. I also provide hair styling services, specializing in curls, straightening, and similar styles. This complements my makeup services beautifully, enhancing my clients' natural beauty and creating polished, finished looks.


I am known for my attention to detail and will customize and tailor each look to ensure you feel amazing, while looking like the best version of yourself. This is especially important to me when working with brides, which I love! Weddings are my favourite, so much love and good energy all around! I love getting to know my clients. 

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